Taylormade Burner Driver Review

Taylormade Burner Driver

All golfers know that Taylormade make some of the best golfing products around. The Taylormade Burner Driver certainly enhances the good name of Taylormade. Read our review below and judge for yourselves.

TaylorMade Burner Plus golf clubs are highly regarded in golf club reviews and a good number of reviewers rate the TaylorMade Burner Plus irons as one of the best sets of golf clubs around.
TaylorMade Burner golf irons have been around for a while and always considered to be an outstanding set of golf clubs. The most up to date model, Burner Plus is no different . This model is designed for the average golfer with a swing speed of 65 10. The TaylorMade Burner Plus irons include many features, including:

  • The TaylorMade Burner Plus model is manufactured with a multi function sole .
  • The sole of the club head is beveled at the back. Because the club head is beveled in the back, it is possible to get more consistent results from varying lies .
  • The beveled sole creates a low, deep center of gravity making a higher launch easier.
  • The heel and toe of the TaylorMade Burner Plus clubs include recesses that reduce the drag on the club head.

Taylormade Burner Irons are manufactured and designed to promote the most penetrating of swings. There have been two of these launched in the last few years. Initially, there was the Taylormade Tour Burner Rescue.

The TaylorMade Burner Superfast driver is another quality driver from the hugely well known Burner range. The Taylor Made Burner SuperFast driver generates distance through speed. It’s actually a total 14 grams brighter in comparison to the previous Burner model, to build up faster clubhead speeds and much more distance. It includes ultra thin wall technology that delivers greater durability and lighter overall weight, and also a much more aerodynamic head shape which reduces drag to encourage larger clubhead speed plus much more distance. Its larger, much more extensive clubface creates confidence and gives much more forgiveness than ever before.

As already mentioned, the TaylorMade Burner Super Fast Driver offers exceptional distance with extremely light weight. Furthermore, this relatively new driver weighs only 284 grams and is extra long at 45 inches long and when combined together they become the perfect recipe for increased speed and distance. The new, large aerodynamic head shape slips faster through the air to promote added speed and power while Dual Crown Techonology promotes higher flight.

The TaylorMade Burner SuperFast fairway wood, weighing just 301 grams, features an improved SuperFast Technology which promotes higher swing speeds, hotter ball speed, and up to 10 yards more distance than the Burner 08 fairway woods. It also features a larger, more expansive clubface that is both easier to hit and confidence inspiring. It is the largest steel headed fairway wood that TaylorMade has produced to date.

The TaylorMade Burner XD Irons clubheads are built on a 17 4 stainless steel frame, but have a thin titanium face (read “high CoR”), intended to promote ball speed and thus add distance. Titanium also happens to be lighter than steel, and some of the weight saved by using titanium has been redistributed low and deep in the clubhead to help launch the ball higher. I say some, because these clubs play to a D0 swingweight even with their lightweight shafts (compare to the D2 swingweight featured in the Cleveland CG Reds).

TaylorMade’s SuperFast Technology extends to the shafts. TaylorMade Burner XD Irons featured the 90 gram RE*AX SuperFast Steel 9. It’s a stepped shaft, with the steps occurring more densely nearer the clubhead and then with increasing distance between them toward the grip end. The last step comes two or three below the grip. The steps appear to grow shallower as they get closer to the grip, though this could be an optical illusion. By comparison, the steps on the Dynamic Gold S300 begin roughly a half inch farther from the clubhead and occur at regular spacing and depth nearly all the way to the grip. These steps theoretically should result in a mid to high kickpoint on the shaft which could result in a teeny bit more clubhead speed.

This is what a couple of happy golfers have said about the Taylormade Burner Irons…

“TaylorMade Burner Irons is the best irons I’ve ever used. After I have a try on the irons i found how wonderful it is ! You can have a try on it…”

“Thanks for this great info. I’ve been eyeing the TaylorMade Burner Series for awhile. The technology used is incredible! From the adjustable heads to the sleek construction, these clubs look like they could really improve my game.“

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