Golf Chip Shot Secrets

golf chip shot

Golf Chip Shot Secrets

Who doesn’t love a nail biting finish to a major sporting event. Especially when that sporting event is won by a sublime piece of skill. Anyone remember how Larry Mize won the 1987 Masters tournament in a sudden death playoff against Greg Norman when he hit a 140 foot chip shot that went in the hole. Never underestimate the power of your chipping! Tournaments are won and lost with this chip shot and players often struggle to understand what they are doing wrong when it comes to such a “seemingly” easy shot.

One of the most important parts of being a good chipper is choosing the right club. This might sound obvious but so many golfers do not spends enough time on selecting the correct club to execute the chip shot. In choosing the correct club for the chip shot, a lot depends on how your ball is lying and how high in the air you want the ball to go before it hits the green. Starting with your 7-iron and working down to your pitching wedge is one way to master this shot. Other golfer’s use their sand wedge in certain situations or simply settle on one club and make adjustments depending on the distance from the green. These differences depend on personal choice but there is one thing that affects all golfers and is very important. This is the error concerning follow through.

The most common error in executing the chip shot comes about when you fail to control the tendency of the club at impact. This means that you start to swing the club downward but you give up right before you hit the ball. Never give up! This is called failing to “follow through” and it plagues many golfers who don’t realize they are doing it. Failing to follow through is a huge mistake. You have to make sure that your hands lead the club through the impact of the shot. If the golf club overtakes your hands and begins travelling ahead of you n its own, anything can happen on impact and it usually won’t be good.

In order to ensure that you follow through your shot, try to put most of your weight on your left foot when you address the ball. Your hands should also be just a little bit ahead of the ball before you swing. Take your swing and make sure to follow through! You don’t need to “slide” the club under the ball or “scoop” it into the air. Just keep your hands ahead of the ball as you swing and always follow through.

You may not turn into a chip shot guru, or a “Larry Mize” overnight but some good practice sessions with these basic tips will likely get you on the road to some good chipping. Following through can be one of the best ways to bring down your score as it will set you up for less putting on the greens and even give you the occasional chip shot into the hole just like Larry Mize!

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Check out this short chip shot video. We think you will find it useful.

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