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Why does my golf ball always fade right?

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Every time I use my 1 Wood or any other woods for that matter my ball fades right. My irons are fine, they are nice and striaght. But my woods are more then not fading to the right. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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  1. help says:

    This is a simple solution. Since your irons are a lot shorter, the head of the irons is able to come around faster and hit square at impact. To where your woods and driver are longer and take more time to release. There are some simple steps to stop the ball from fading.

    1. If you are a right handed golfer try setting up the ball on the left heel of your foot. You do this to allow more time for your club to release and become square at impact.

    2. on the down swing tuck in your right elbow to your right hip(again for righties). This will allow for the head to come through parallel to you body and stop the fade.

    3. Check and make sure that the flex is the same in your irons and woods. Your woods may be stiffer than your irons. with less stiffer shafts the head will swing around faster and become square at impact.

    4. On the take away for the back swing when the shaft is parallel the head of your club should be pointing up. And on the follow through when the shaft again is parallel to the ground the head should be pointing up. This will tell you if you are rotating your wrists properly.

    5. At the top of the back swing make sure that your right armpit to elbow (for righties) is parallel to the floor. You may be to high.

    Drills are:
    1. put a towel under your right armpit and swing. Make sure you keep in the towel on the back swing and at impact the towel can fall. this will create muscle memory for tucking in the right elbow at the downswing.

    2. Make half swings back and forth and check o see if the head of your club is facing straight up when shaft is parallel to the floor.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  2. james l says:

    if you are a right handed golfer your club head is "open" and not striking the ball squarely. if you are a lefty your club is "closed" and the opposite is happening.

  3. deion s says:

    same thing happens with me. im a righty so wat i du is i tilt my club inward before my swing so it hits the ball squarely.

  4. Go-Zilla says:

    1. you are swinging out to in meaning your swinging to the left while your clubface is square promoting left-to-right sidespin

    2. your face is pointing right

    3. you are swinging too fast thus beong unable to release (square) the clubface fast enough

    4. Get new equipment


  5. Brick says:

    You need to bring the club more to the inside to outside on the down swing.
    Let me explain it this way: Pretend you are driving a car and you are entering a straight freeway. You are entering from the left and the freeway is to your right.
    So as you swing your club attempting to drive straight down the freeway you come in from the inside near your right side and slowly arc it to come in smoothly to the straight imaginary line of flight then your club naturally arcs back to your left side.

    If you try to bring the club straight back and down like a putter you will put spin on the ball and it will go right (slicing)

  6. GB says:

    Assuming you are right-handed, you are describing a slice…

    A few things to think about:

    1 – Is your pace the exact same as your irons? If you go a bit faster with your hands, then you will be hitting from the 2oclock side of the ball.
    2 – When you use your woods your may also be reaching further away from your body and your right elbow isn’t tucked into your side on the downswing.
    3 – As mentioned before, look at the club set up.
    4 – Are your feeting setting up correctly? Maybe you are shooting straight down your (incorrect) line.

  7. Danny D says:

    well you have to make sure that your wrists are uncocked as you come down on the swing. also make sure that at the end of the swing that the club is in the right line. if your arm is curling around your back, this will cause a draw, but if its up high and your club is further into your face that your wrist, it will cause a fade. make sure it ends up around at your shoulder.

  8. A.REKKIN says:

    Ask yourself a couple questions.
    1. Is your clubface square? You close it just a bit and maybe that fade goes away.
    2. Where’s the ball located? If you play it forward, try moving it back a little – more towards the middle.

    That’s all I have for ya. Have fun get after it.

  9. rdkyote says:

    In addition to all the other good answers, check that when placing your right hand on the club, your shoulders are still square with your target line during setup. the proper spine angle should be a tilt with your right shoulder slightly lower than your left, and your head behind the ball. if your shoulders point left of the target line, your swing will have an outside in path as described in the other answers.

  10. Alex C says:

    I dont know y it does that but when I started golf I did that. I would turn my body and aim left so after it sliced it was on the fairway! (Also when u r hitting u want ur left foot to line up with the tee and ball)

  11. Will says:

    On your downswing you are not closing the club face enough.

  12. andre_gipson says:

    What you are probably doing is at impact you club is wide open due to the fact that you are releasing the club. make sure you are rolling your arms and shoulders through the shot and you will be fine.

  13. specl8tr says:

    Keep your left shoulder down through the downswing and swing the clubface towards 1 o’clock with 12 o’clock being your target. You will start to draw the ball.

  14. Zaza says:

    incorrect swing.

  15. ak_az_vm says:

    Here is a golf school that has some great golf tips. They have video, animation and other types of golf tips. You may find a video that will help you.
    Hope this helps

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