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i am a left handed golfer and im 15years old i just started golfing last summer well every thing i hit goes left Ive adjusted and every thing and once in a great while when i do hit it straight i can hit it 200-300yards i plan on getting golf lessons?any additional advice

8 Responses to “WHY DO MY GOLF SHOTS GO LEFT?”

  1. dontbeapharisee says:

    Get golf lessons. How do your balls go left? Do they go straight left or do they curve left? That depends on whether you are swinging inside out or outside in, and whether you are making contact with the ball with a closed, open, or square club face. All beginners should learn to draw the ball. In your case, the ball should start left and curving gently back to the center. To do that you need to have an inside out swing path. Think of hitting from 5 o’clock to 11 o’clock (if 12 o’clock in straght forward and 6 o’clock is straight back) and you must release the club face to be square at impact. Don’t worry about hitting 300 yards. Practice with an 8 iron and go for 140 yards, hitting about 80% full power.

  2. Grumpy Old Man says:

    It is called a hook

  3. Ryan says:

    Most new golfers slice. There is a million tips and swing thoughts i can give you but your prolly looking for a quick fix. I can guess on a scale of 1-10 your grip pressure is pretty close to 10. Most new golfers will try to use their hands and arms to whip the club around and that will cause you to hold on the club with way to much pressure. Lose the tension in your hands and forearms. If you grip too tight it slows down your ability to square up the club through the hitting area. When a pitcher tries to throw a fast ball he does not squeeze the ball as hard as he can to throw it faster. lose the tension and keep your tempo smooth. good luck buddy.

  4. Ditka says:

    It’s a slice and usually that happens when your club face is open upon contact of the ball.. This can be caused by many different things from grips to hips.. Many times you get a slice because you are overswinging… Dipping your shoulders… ball is too back in your stance Sometimes it’s something as simple as you have the wrong shaft for the speed of your swing.. These are JUST a few reasons, there are MANY more and it just takes one thing wrong to cause a slice.. As you can see there are many different causes, your best bet is to have a qualified teacher look at your swing, but don’t listen to just anyone.. remember on a course EVERYONE is a Pro and are way too willing to offer advise.. That just goes with the sport.. everyone thinks they know what they are talking about but very few really do.

  5. Brandon says:

    try turn your feet right and you wont hook golf player to handycap 9

  6. Ka-ne says:

    Being a lefty you have a slice, which could be a result of several different things; your stance/alignment, your swing, or your equipment. If your hitting the ball 300 yds, lets say, then your swing speed is probably pretty high and if you don’t have a stiff flex shaft your club face will never square properly, creating a lag and resulting in a slice. There are great golf instructional tips on how to combat a slice on ( and My advice is take a few general lessons to see if your aligned properly and your swing is on plane and have your clubs fitted.

  7. MSM says:

    It is a slice to a lefty. Your club is open when you hit it. You could try to strengthen your grip.

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