Taylormade R11 Driver

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Taylormade R11 Driver

There is certainly a lot going on with the Taylormade R11 Driver. But is there too much going on? Some golfers suggest that it has too many moving parts and particularly for the newbie golfer, the Taylormade R11 Driver does seem slightly over the top in some respects.

Some golf newbies don’t know a lot about loft, face angle, and flight path and it can certainly damage their game and progress of course if they attempt to tune the drivers by themselves. Having the Taylormade R11 Driver tuned with a professional will enhance shot making capability significantly. However it does hit better than the previous R11 model. The correction could be a enormous help if you know what you’re doing. But if you are a novice trying to make the adjustments, then your overall game may well waver if it is not done correctly.

As all golfers will know, Taylormade are one of the biggest names in golf. TaylorMade is famous for making clubs with a fantastic feel about them and the R11 is no different. The Taylormade R11 Driver feels very comfortable in your hands, and if you need a driver you can play with and make alterations, then you may well find that this is the one for you.

There are many positives but maybe one of the most important positives for the Taylormade R11 is that it provides you more control over your shots. Golfers who are looking for more control of their driver will definitely be pleased with the TaylorMade R11. The club head is also white, which can help big time with alignment at the point of address. You also get good feedback on mishits, which will obviously help you the next time you hit the golf ball. Having made those positive points it is worth pointing out that the carry distance was adequate but not extraordinary.

Now for some technical points. First off, it has a new technology. This new feature is an adjustable sole that can adjust the face angle of the club, which will give you the ability to adjust your launch angle.

This massive club can give you 100 yards of edge to side trajectory along with around 1000 RPM additional backspin. It also has a good aerodynamic shape which undoubtedly, gives you more clubhead pace. Many golfers speak highly of the overall flexibility and the forgiveness of this club. It can enable you to overswing and still achieve the right distance.


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