Putting Tips You Have to Know About

Putting Tips

Picture the scene – You have managed to get onto the par 4 green in 2 and now have a chance for a Birdie. You coolly walk onto the green and mark your ball and repair that pitch mark with pride. Then you consider your next shot and you realise you have no idea how to get that ball into the hole in one shot. You do not know how to putt a golf ball. Do you have this problem? If so, read on for some useful golf putting tips.

Getting golf putting tips from a good instructor will give you a step up in getting your scores lower. You will have to learn how to read the greens for the best speed and angle of the ball. The faster the ball is moving, the less likely it will break and go a different way. As the ball slows down, it will take the downward slope that the green will go.

Many people experience the pain that comes with having to sink that putt to win the round but only to ultimately miss that key putt. One of the best golf putting tips that anyone could give you would be to practice. Plus, there are some tips that are basic that would help you to putt consistently which will help with the frustrations on the green. When you are able to cut down on some of the problems you are encountering, you will be able to lower your overall score.

Practice these golf putting tips before your game and whenever you are able to find time to practice and you will improve your short golf game and lower your scores. Consistency is the key to playing the game of golf to your potential.

To help you choose the right golf putting tips for your needs, check out the very useful short videos we have provided and read the articles as well as practicing as often as you can. If funds will stretch that far, also work with a teaching pro, and listen very carefully to the tips they provide.

Putting is really the heart of the game of golf. If you can pull a confident putting stroke out of your bag when you step onto the putting green you are going to step off the green a happy golfer. While the list of helpful putting tips could really be endless, these basic ones above should help and save you many strokes.

If you spend most of your round scrambling from off the green, you need to work on your approach shots. These are shots coming in from 80 to 150 yards away. If you can get it on the green instead of landing in the bunker or rough it will save several strokes a round. We provide some great golf putting tips below in more detail, but before you read those also consider…

Most golfers have a 160 yard club, 150, 140, 130 or whatever, so most of the time alignment is the problem. If your alignment is correct and you are aiming for the middle of the green even if you hit a poor shot, the ball may go a little deeper or come up short. But even if when happens, most greens are big enough that you should be on the putting surface. Practice these two things the next couple of rounds and you will see the difference on your score card.

They don’t teach you putting in a driving range. The putting practice areas are never the same surface as the greens on the course. So you are faced with this great opportunity to win a hole in your golf match and yet you do not have a strategy for giving it your best shot. Now I am not guaranteeing that these tips will make you the next Padraig Harrington, or Tiger Woods but for beginners they will help you learn how to putt a golf ball.
Now for some specific golf putting tips to be aware of:

Golf Putting Tip 1. First thing is to aim for the middle of the green. When I am struggling getting on the green more often than not it’s because I am aiming for the flag. This alone will having you hitting more greens on a consistent basis. More than likely if you aim for the pin you will end up over the green because you are not putting enough back spin on the ball.

Aim straight at the hole. For 95% of your shots you should be aiming straight at the hole. As a beginner you will not have all the skills and experience to read the greens so why all the pretence. I outrage my playing partners on the golf course by simply looking at my putting shot from a standing position and getting a general view of it. I am more likely to be thinking about the pace of the ball and whether it is downhill or uphill rather than any sideways slopes. If it is blindingly obvious that you are putting across a sideways slope then make an adjustment – this is for the 5% of shots. But for most of them go straight for the hole.

Golf Putting Tip 2. – Second, check your alignment. If you are aiming for the middle of the green and you are still missing it, more often than not your alignment is off. Practice your alignment! Generally, when you are off the green it is due to alignment, not distance. Also, imagine the hole is a metre wide. To get the pace right you should be trying to get your first putt to within a metre of the hole. By imagining such a large area as your target you will reduce your 3 putts and make a lot of them 2 putts. Most golfers would reckon they could get the ball into a 2 metre wide hole. So do that.

Golf Putting Tip 3. – See the ball into the hole. Before I strike the ball I imagine its route of travel across the putting surface into the hole. I consider the pace that I will need to strike the golf ball in particular.

Golf Putting Tip 4. – Hold your breath, so you know where you are aiming and you know how hard you are going to hit the golf ball. When you are about to hit the golf ball, hold your breath – or at least do not breathe deeply. I address the ball and do 2 practice shots. Then I line up my real shot aiming for the hole and assess how I can get it into a 2 metre wide hole. Then I take a conscious breath in and out, wait 2 or 3 seconds and strike the ball. My focus is completely on striking the ball cleanly and at the correct pace. Because I am not breathing (so to speak) or moving in any other way my bodies focus is on the putt completely. Count up your putting strikes next round and then practice these tips. See if you can reduce your putts by 9 in the next 3 months.

We hope you find these golf putting tips and the associated videos at the bottom of this page helpful. As ever, we always stress the importance of practice, practice and more practice. So, what are you waiting for… get out there and practice!

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