Practicing Putting

Practicing Putting

Frequently when golfers of all skill levels reflect on practicing putting, they quite negatively contemplate missing an easy golf putt. Why is that?

If you are really trying to making difficult golf putts seem easy, there are very specific preparations you must adhere to in order to accomplish your goals.

This article will examine the broad steps that will lead to practicing a golf putt effectively and will serve as a guide to train you for a new level of achievement. There are a few things all golfers should prepare before trying to perfect the golf putt. However before actually practicing your match winning golf putt, you first need to evaluate and verify a few basic personality considerations first.

The following three questions you should take the time to ask yourself:

1. Do you stay cool under pressure?

2. Are you nervous when putting?

3. Are you a confident person?

The answers to these fundamental questions may well be the starting point to determine how well your putting skills develop. Clearly, if you are cool under pressure and a confident person then you’re well on the way to honing your putting skills.

Even if you answered “Yes” to question 2 and you are nervous, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Nerves are not that bad if you can control them well enough so that they don’t turn into your hands being a quivering jelly!! Nerves can be an advantage because it can give you an added edge.

Before we lay the groundwork on what is typically required to prepare for practicing a golf putt, we will focus on some preparation stages that you should consider before steaming straight in. After all, the action of the putting stroke itself is the end product. It only makes sense that you prepare for the end product result properly. Training the mind is as equally important as the bodily more mechanical preparations.

The following are some preparatory mindset guidelines to get you on your way:

A – Steadying

Steadying is one thing that you should consider very carefully. It is obvious really when you think about it. So, before actually going straight into putting, spend some time practicing steadying yourself. Do it in front of a mirror so you can see how you are doing, or ask a friend to observe and provide feedback. If you are happy with your steadiness then this should become second nature when you are actually on the green preparing for your putt. This is what you should be aiming for.

B – Visualising

An integral part of the discipline that is vital to prepare for practicing a golf putt involves visualising. When you visualise a great putt, it allows you to be in the best frame of mind for all the preparations that are integral in order to achieve the final goal of achieving a successful putt.

C – Aiming Accurately

This sounds obvious but it is well worth considering that one of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to preparing for a putt is rushing through lining up their aim. If you do not spend enough time on this then it will be hard to succeed. How often do you see the top golfers take their time lining up their putt. More often than not they will revisit their original position and go through the steps again until they are happy.

Moving On

Practicing putting and a golf putt (no pun intended!!) that practice into a real round of golf has a tangible end product. Either a successful drop into the hole or a miss. If it is a miss then you may well be able to very quickly ascertain what it was that caused the unsuccessful attempt. Did your nerves get the better of you? Didn’t you spend enough time in lining the shot up? Did you forget to visualise a successful outcome?

Whatever the reason for an unsuccessful putt should prompt you to spend more time on whatever the perceived weakness was that caused the failed attempt. And what do you need to do next? Yes, you’ve guessed it practice, practice, practice, then when you think you’ve practiced enough, practice some more so that you are confident enough to feel that have ironed out the errors.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no way you can achieve a 100% putting statistic (or if you can, I take my hat off to you and Jordan and Rory need to make way for a new superstar!!). Of course you will miss putts. The approach I explain is aimed at eradicating as many flaws as you possibly can so that you can make an informative analysis of the specific key areas of weakness and put in measures to put them right.

If you evaluate those who are good putters you will discover one thing in common among those who have succeeded. They understood what was involved with the preparation before they got started, and they knew what sort of person is most likely to flourish. When you know what sort of person it takes to regular make successful putts, and you also know that is your personality type, there is nothing that stands in the way of you and your victory!

Avoid making this cardinal sin. Don’t think of missing an easy golf putt. Practicing putting requires you to be relaxed, determined and hard-working. We already know that. Now we are ready to explore the actual steps involved with practicing putting so that we can realise our future success.

Let’s examine what we need to do now that our mindset is in the right place!

Practicing Putting – Step by Step

Now that we understand what sort of person is needed to effectively practice a golf putt, in addition to the character traits that an individual who wants to perfect a golf putt would require, we can get started with the specifics of what we need to do.

Undoubtedly, the first piece of the puzzle is verifying that you are buying the most suitable putter. This is so essential to verifying that you are ready to practice a golf putt on the best terms possible. An easy way to think about buying the most suitable putter is to consider this – no golfer can possibly perfect a golf putt without buying the most suitable putter. It is literally impossible – that is how essential this process is.

Take your time in choosing your putter. There are plenty to choose from. Maybe ask some of your golfing buddies not only what they use, but also ask them if you can try theirs out.

Taking time researching the most suitable putter has many benefits. For one, it should give the best results. It should also be easy to handle. Following on from these benefits, good research and buying the most suitable putter should also ensure that you are finding good quality and value.

Some additional advantages to choosing a suitable golf putter include controlling the shot and relaxing sufficiently to make the necessary contact. Actually, if you are not taking some sort of action to relaxing sufficiently to make the necessary contact, it may be hard to get anywhere near the putting action you are aiming for. So if you by chance change your mind about practicing a golf putt , you should still attempt to partake in activities that result in relaxing sufficiently to make the necessary contact.

As well as spending time searching for the most suitable putter, also be sure to focus some energy on choosing good quality golf balls. It is easy to overlook choosing good quality golf balls. However, spending time choosing good quality golf balls allows you to buy at a good price and select the best.

You will soon find that by simply buying the most suitable putter, choosing good quality golf balls and working towards having the correct mindset, you will be well equipped to practicing your putting with some gusto. By taking time out to make the right preparations, you will then discover your body, mind and spirit is completely ready to practice putting with a vengeance and working towards what you are ultimately trying to achieve – more success on the golf course!! Happy Putting!!

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