Golf Training Aids – Do We Really Need Them?

Golf Training Aids

We always advocate the absolute necessity and the virtues of practice…practice…and even more practice. If you still find that your golf game is not up to scratch or not improving then you may well consider researching “organic” ways to address the problem area. In other words, before investing money into golf training aids, check out golf practice drills that can address the problem area that you can simply do with your clubs.

However, that being so, there may come a time or an occasion where you may need a helping hand. Some would consider that to become a consistently good golfer, one must not only understand the “how to” of golf fundamentals like the full swing and short game, but must also develop the correct “feel” of a properly hit golf shot, chip shot or putt. To ingrain feeling into your golf swing, you should try incorporating the use of golf training aids into your golf practice routine.

In this article we briefly consider some of the areas and methods you may feel can best help improve your game with the aid of golf training assistance.

Swing Synchronisation – Ensuring that your torso, shoulders and arms move together in unison are a key aspect of a solid golf swing. There are many golf training aids on the market that can help with this, but avoid the complicated ones. Select an aid that helps keep your elbows together and keeps your swing in sync through the golf swing.
To help you choose the right golf putting tips for your needs, below is a golf training aid selection checklist. Working with your teaching pro, use this golf aid checklist to help identify the right golf training aids for your needs.

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The best golf training aids are those that help you commit the RIGHT golf swing movements to muscle memory and do not in grain poor golf swing habits. Given golf’s complexity, the more simple the golf training aid the better. The purpose of this article is not to recommend a particular aids (there are way too many aids to discuss and most simply do not work) but discuss the key categories of aids you should consider and evaluate with help from your golf instructor.

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Impact – One of the best golf training aids you can invest in is what is known as an “impact bag.” There are many different manufacturers of impact bags, but they all serve the same purpose – to help in grain the proper feel and ensure proper wrist position at impact.

If you decide that a putting aids is the answer, do some quick internet research and read the reviews of the golf training aids you are evaluating. Also, talk to your teaching Pro and see if he or she is familiar with the putting aid you are considering or would recommend an alternative golf aids.

The ideas and options discussed are by no means exhaustive. We do feel however that the areas mentioned are quite fundamental to improving your all round game. By all means try them out and check out the various golf training aids product reviews we have available. And as ever, as we said at the very top of the article and on countless other occasions, don’t forget to practice…practice…and practice some more!

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