Custom Golf Balls – What A Great Idea

Custom Golf Balls
Custom golf balls - what a great idea!!!

Custom Golf Balls – What A Great Idea!!!

Many golfers everywhere in the world would, not unsurprisingly, think that buying golf balls would be relatively simple. But, have you ever walked into your local golf store to buy some golf balls? On the face of it, it may seem like the easiest of tasks as you walk from your car, through the parking lot, and into the store. You think that this won’t take long. Because after all you are just there to pick up some good old, simple to find golf balls for your game later that evening. You pass a nice looking golf shirt, some golf shoes, and then you see them. Then all of a sudden…..Wow!! You stop dead in your tracks. This article will not only look at what you should be aware of when choosing your own golf balls. We will also look at the virtues of custom golf balls.

“Choosing golf balls…I thought this was supposed to be simple?” you muse. However, when you find where the golf balls are located, there are shelves… upon shelves… upon shelves…and even more shelves of golf balls seemingly staring blankly back at you. Not only that, they all seem to be screaming at the same time. Long distance, More spin, More control, Hi-spin, Raw distance fusion. Raw distance fusion? you ask yourself.

Ok, time out! Don’t panic!! It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. As competitive as the golf ball world is, the golf ball manufacturers of the world do not want you to have a panic attack before you even get out on the green! But, it is fair to say though that buying golf balls, even for some experienced golfers, can be a tad bit confusing.

Let’s take a closer look at the options available to us. Firstly we will look at the basic types of golf balls on the market today. Perhaps this will help you in your next trip to your local golf store and help you avoid the panic attack that you are now so much aware of!!

Secondly, we will consider another option aside from being confronted with the masses of golf balls thrust right in front of us by the golf stores. We will also take a look at the increasingly popular option of custom golf balls.

Before making our choice though, a few basic facts about golf balls:

1/ Specifications:

To begin with, there are some specifications that all golf balls must meet in order to be sold for golfers. First, all regulated golf balls have a size limit. This limit is 1.68 inches in diameter. And, a golf ball cannot be any heavier than 1.62 ounces. What about shape? Well, the only other specification that must be met on a golf ball is it’s shape – yes, it must be round! No square, rectangle, or triangle balls allowed. I don’t think that will come as a surprise to you will it?

2/ The Importance of Compression:

Quite simply put, the compression of a golf ball will give you a certain feeling from having hit the ball – it will either feel solid or not solid enough. Generally speaking the higher the compression of a golf ball, the more solid it will feel to you. Typically, golf ball compressions are rated between 80 and 100 – with 90 being the most common. What type of golf ball compression you favor is completely up to you. How it best feels for you because after all, in the game of golf, no two players are the same and the same golf ball may feel differently to one golfer as it does to another.

3/ Ball Coverings:

Golf ball coverings come in two main types of materials: Surlyn and Balata. First, a golf ball covered with the material Surlyn cannot be scuffed or broken. Why is this? Well, basically it is because Surlyn is a man made substance that withstands a great amount of pressure and outside damage. Surlyn golf balls also have a solid core on the inside. Golf balls covered with Surlyn is a positive aspect, in that golf balls covered with Surlyn are that they are fairly inexpensive, have a long life, and can travel far distances. On the other hand, these balls get less spin than others.

As well as Surlyn, the other type of golf ball to look at is one that is made with Balata. Balata balls have liquid-filled cores. These cores are then bound together with rubber and covered with Balata – which is a fairly soft covering. Although a Balata covering can be nicked and cut up, it allows the ball to have more spin and backspin than otherwise usual. For you, this means more control over your golf ball. Despite its higher cost and shorter life on the golf course, it is a good choice of balls for experienced players.

Which is best for you is again a matter of personal choice and, in some respects, also dependent on what skill level you are at.

4/ Moving On….

If you’ve read this far you will now realize that buying golf balls is not as simple as you thought. You should have a better insight. Don’t be perturbed by the shelves upon shelves of golf balls. You now know what to look for.

5/ Custom Golf Balls

You will realize that the same issues still apply and need to be taken into consideration if and when you consider the option of acquiring custom golf balls. But what are custom golf balls? In essence they are also known as personalized golf balls. Golfers everywhere are finding they are becoming increasingly more popular. It may be that you are looking for that ideal, unique gift for your golf enthusiast friend or family member. What a great gift custom golf balls would be.

Or, you may be looking for that special package for your next tournament, or you may be considering presenting a unique, memorable corporate gift. Do you have a special golfing holiday planned? If you have answered “Yes” to any of these – then why not consider custom golf balls as an option?

6/ Look Who Uses Custom Golf Balls

Take a look at these examples of some great ideas for utilizing custom golf balls:

LOOK: Check out Rory McIlroy’s custom 2016 Masters golf balls –

Rory McIlroy is doing everything he can to stay focused on winning his first green jacket, including these custom golf balls. Robby Kalland mugshot; by Robby Kalland · @rkalland; Apr 06 …

Kylie Jenner releases inclusive Father’s Day gift guide with presents for dad Caitlyn – including custom golf balls … – Daily Mail

With Father’s Day creeping up on the calendar (reminder – it is on June 19th), the Kardashian-Jenner women are in spending mode, picking up gifts for the Dads in their life. But in this family’s case, that doesn’t mean they’re just shopping in the men’s….

Even our famous politicians see custom golf balls…….imagine finding a shanked custom golf ball from the ex-President lying around!!! How much would that be worth?

The Story Behind President Obama’s Custom Golf Balls – TIME

The Story Behind President Obama’s Custom Golf Balls – TIME Golfing at the tony Congressional Country Club this weekend, President Barack Obama shanked a ball off the first tee into the woods, providing a similarly unlucky player with a keepsake souvenir—a personalized presidential golf ball. Dallas resident …

You will now see that choosing the right golf ball may not be as simple as you originally thought. Carefully consider your options for your own use. But also don’t forget the value of custom golf balls as the ideal gift or a great promotional keepsake.

Once you find the golf ball that is right for you, the only thing you will have to get nervous about is whether or not you should buy one case or two of them!

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