Can You Hear That? It’s The Sound of Ping Golf

Generate More Power off the Tee

Buying golf equipment can sometimes seem like a big gamble and ultimately turn out to be throwing money away. Having said that, armed with some knowledge you can save time and money in selecting the right golf equipment to suit your game. Knowing something about the golf equipment suppliers, such as Ping Golf, is another consideration to carefully mull over. As with most things in life, you can spend a lot or you can spend a little several times before you get what you really need. Ping Golf are among the world leaders in the supply of golf products today, so it is safe to say that you will be in good hands if you choose Ping Golf products.

But who are Ping Golf? Well this background will provide you with some useful information. Ping Golf is an American based supplier of premium golf equipment, as well as being one of the largest of the remaining American manufacturers of golf clubs. They were founded by Karsten Solheim and the company is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Solheim was an an engineer at the General Electric company. In 1959, he started making his own putters in his garage in Redwood City in California. Over a short period of time his putters became so popular that in 1967, because of increasing demand for his putters, he resigned his job at General Electric in order to fully develop the Ping Golf company.

Currently, Ping Golf produces clubs in every equipment category: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. Ping Golf clubs are now known around the world and are used by some of the top champions in golf today. Even though the first clubs were manufactured in his garage, he was a busy man when it came to making these clubs for people who requested them.

There is always a good woman behind every successful businessperson and Solheim’s wife said this was the answer to all golfers putting needs, thus came the name “Anser” putter. This club was accepted by the USGA and is today allowed in tournaments everywhere. Many professionals have used the Anser putter to win tournaments everywhere. Ping Golf clubs took the market by storm and continues to be the “in putter” for all golfers.

Now located in Arizona, Ping Golf clubs are a golfer’s delight. You hit the ball and get that crisp clear ping sound the lets you know you had a perfect hit. The Ping Golf clubs are well known for that funny sound that pings when you hit the ball. If you have never heard the sound, you must have a go at putting a ball with this putter and you will be amazed like many other golfers are. When you hit your golf ball, you know you are making good contact and should make the hole in one swipe. If not keep practicing until you become a pro with the Ping Golf clubs. This is the putter of champions with many golfers new and old and will continue to be found on golf courses in Japan and everywhere.

Considered a musical golf club, Sports Illustrated talked about Ping Golf clubs and helped sales skyrocket into becoming a popular golf club around the world. The putters are found everywhere, and believe it or not, most golfers would want one at some stage of their golfing lifetime. Many golfers have considered them to be the best golf club and many golfers will go to great lengths to find a Ping Golf club.

For most the Ping Golf clubs fans, it may be time to improvement some of your clubs. Considerably brand-new advancement has been put into this Ping K15 product. Ping’s newest innovation, SF Technological (Straight Airfare Technology), will greatly improve your video game and your innovative Driver. You can now drive the ball higher, straighter and extended than ever before and be stylish while well; this is one sweet hunting club.

Of course Ping Golf do not only supply quality golf clubs. If you want to take care of your golf clubs, you should look for the perfect Ping Golf bag available on the market. These golf bags possess all the latest features used for organizing golf clubs and storing them separately from each other. Since golf bags manufactured by Ping have already been on the market for years, they have continued to earn the trust of both amateur and professional golfers who are looking for an efficient way to store their golf clubs.

For many years, Ping Golf bags were always on the cutting edge of golf bags. They were one of the first golf bags to use the double strap should system to make the bags easier to carry. Their stands bags are very popular among college golfers. Over 500 professional golf tournaments have been won using Ping Golf clubs. Some of the golf professionals that use Ping Golf clubs are Chris Riley, Chris DiMarco, Hunter Mahan, Mark Calcavecchia, and Lorena Ochoa. What are you waiting for? Just buy them!

If you want to buy a carry or cart bag that carries the renowned Ping name, you should consider researching the different bags that they offer. Once you have found the bag that possesses all the features you are looking for, you can become a hundred and one percent satisfied with the Ping Golfbag you chose to buy.
As mentioned, buying golf equipment can be a difficult process but if you stick to suppliers such as Ping Golf and do some research you should not go far wrong.

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