Callaway Upro Golf GPS Review


As technology improvements and enhancements effect all our lives and in so many ways, it is no surprise that such technological updates are finding their way into the world of golf. Golf clubs, golf balls, golf carts, golf training aids have all felt the impact of modern day advancements. One product that is regularly improved to keep abreast of the many changes that occur, is the GPS Rangefinder. There are many different brands available, but in this article we will showcase one of the golfing world’s biggest and best golf product suppliers top quality GPS systems. See what we think of Callaway’s offering to this highly competitive market.

All golfers know that Callaway make a wide range of top quality golf products. Their golf clubs are widely used by golfers of all abilities – amateur enthusiasts to top professionals alike. As well as top quality golf clubs, Callaway have also made available a really sophisticated, easy to use golf GPS device – the Callaway uPro. In this article we will review it and hopefully provide you plenty of information to help you to consider if it is the right one for you.

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Generally speaking there is a lot of interest in golf’s coolest, new accessory these days. Golf GPS units are making the big splash on the courses these days. Early day rangefinders were OK and helped golfers a lot but today’s GPS units have taken over. They have so much more information on them available to the golfer. The Callaway uPro Golf GPS is at the top of most golfers list of the unit to get if they don’t have one already.

It is without doubt the most sophisticated, easiest to use golf rangefinder on the market. It comes with two modes, basic and pro. Even the basic mode gives you a ton of information about thousands of courses all across the US. The pro mode, however, is even better. Pro mode graphics rival graphics you’ll see on cable TV when you’re watching the US Open. If you’re in the market for a golf rangefinder, look no further than the Callaway uPro Golf GPS.

It has so many great features. It has an attractive price point, functionality, vibrant screen, all the preloaded courses and all the details of them has to be in my opinion one of if not the best golf GPS systems available on the market today. Buying the Upro Go or the Callaway uPro MX is perhaps the best decision you could make to improve your golf game.

Anyone buying it will not be disappointed with its viewing capabilities as it has one of the best viewing screens on the market. Their high resolution screen is small, only 2 inches, but the resolution is good enough so that you can see it even in the brightest sunlight. The only issue with the screen is some users have reported having to angle the device slightly in really bright light to get the best view. Of course, this is going to happen with any similar screen. And Callaway has taken pains to lessen this effect.

What makes the Callaway uPro quite a bit more sophisticated than its nearest competitors is the state of the art engineering that Callaway’s put into this device. Using what Callaway calls their “SmartView” technology, the uPro can show you various views of the hole your on. It can also show you where to land on certain fairways in order to be set up for a better shot. Hazards are marked with distances from the green. Their “AnyPoint” technology is what keeps up with where you are on the course, giving you distances to hazards and to the green from where you are.

As technology progressed, Callaway introduced the Callaway uPro MX. Included in this version of the Callaway uPro, the equipment involved a web site providing information as to where customers could obtain state of the art maps of courses. Callaway’s GPS equipment is special in that its training course maps attribute aerial pictures of holes, as opposed to computerised renderings.

The many features if the Callaway uPro MX include the following:

  • Preloaded with 25,000 courses and can be used straight out of the box
  • No annual fees or subscriptions – there is unlimited ProMode course downloads available.
  • Colour touch screen with simple finger navigation for precise control and pinpoint accuracy.
  • ProMode offers an actual aerial image providing a realistic and accurate view of each hole, instead of a computer generated image.
  • Aerial video flyover provides a unique bird’s eye view of each hole by using actual aerial imagery.
  • AnyPoint Technology helps you plan your next shot, showing the required yards to any target you select and the yards remaining from your target to the green
  • A Digital scorecard allowing you to keep up to date with all the stats you need, such as your score and other basic golf stats like fairways, greens and putts during each round.
  • Callaway uxplore site helps you manage your device by allowing you to download.
  • ProMode courses, upload your scores and view and track your stats for each round, providing you more insight into your game.

Yet another added feature and an indication of it’s top quality functionality, it easily interfaces with both Mac and Windows. There’s no problem using it with Window’s new operating system, Vista. It comes with a rechargeable, long lasting lithium ion battery.

As you can see, the Callaway uPro Golf GPS comes with many features and is state of the art technology. In addition to this review, you should also take a look at this video so that you can see how effective it is in action.

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